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Why Should You Choose A Windows Laptop?

    Windows laptops have separate popularity when it comes to convenience of use and productivity. No matter whichever device you’re using, the OS always affects your user experience. Operating systems like DOS and Ubuntu may have a specific purpose, but they’re too difficult to use for a casual user.

    Here a laptop with Windows OS has a lightweight UI with various productive hardware specifications. Besides OS, these laptops give head-to-head competition to MacBooks in performance. Similarly, various aspects make Windows laptops better than laptops with other OS.

    Windows may be just an OS but create a separate range of laptops. Best Windows laptops are available at variable prices and offer a complete set of specifications. Here are the top three reasons you should buy a Windows laptop over any other.

    You are your own boss with the windows laptop.  As most brands use Windows, you can buy a laptop from your favorite manufacturer. Let’s take the example of the macOS of Apple. If you’re a fan of MacOS, you only have an option to invest in expensive products. But Windows is available on devices of almost every brand, including Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

    The user experience of Windows is what makes it stand out! When compared to others, Windows is easy to use and keeps everything at your convenience. For instance, DOS is a single user and CLI-based OS. On the other hand, Windows features a plug-&-play interface and multi-user access.

    As discussed above, Windows laptops are available at different prices. Regardless of your budget, you can buy a laptop with Windows and desired specifications. Let’s compare it again with MacBook! MacBooks start from 60000 and can go up to 1.5 lakh, while you can buy Windows Laptop for just 25000.