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Laptop Schemes in India [2022]

    In the year 2022, electronic gadgets are turning everything towards innovation and productivity. Especially in education, devices such as laptops have a crucial role in skill development and learning.

    Whether it is coding or data entry, there’s a collection of things students can learn using a laptop. But wait! Not everyone can afford the best laptops under 50000 in India. Fortunately, Indian State Governments are initiating a free laptop scheme for students in 2022.

    After reading the above sentence, you may have a curiosity to get answers to everything regarding the scheme. For instance, which States are offering a free laptop scheme in India? Or how can I apply for the free laptop scheme?

    Don’t worry! This guide will answer all the frequently asked questions about the free laptop scheme. Let’s start by exploring what exactly the scheme is, and I have a lot more for you on the list.

    What is the Free Laptop Scheme 2022?

    A free laptop scheme is an appreciable initiative of the Indian state and Central Government. In this, the Government officials have announced the distribution of free laptops to merit students. Regardless of the cast and gender, any student opting for higher education and who has scored merit is eligible for the free laptop. 

    If you are a merit student (a student who scored good marks), you can easily apply for a free laptop. Just visit the official website of the State Government and submit your application. 

    Here is how you can do it! 

    How to Apply for Free Laptop Scheme in India?

    Visit the Official Government Websites

    If you are applying for any Government Scheme, the process starts with the official website. Visit the official website of the State Government and click on the scheme for which you want to apply. In most cases, official government websites in India end with gov. in for better identification. 

    Also, there are several links circulated through unauthorized resources and social media. But I recommend not to use any of them to apply for free laptop schemes 2022. In a world full of cyber criminals, an unauthorized link may lead to a security breach. 

    Check Your Eligibility

    Like every government scheme, there’s a particular eligibility criterion for free laptop schemes. You can only apply for your free laptop if you’re eligible according to the Government’s criteria. Well, the eligibility varies according to the regulations of every State that you will find on the official website. 

    For instance, I have mentioned a basic eligibility criterion for Laptop Scheme for Students,

    • Only students of 10th or 12th can apply for the scheme
    • An applicant must be a resident of the state offering the scheme
    • The student must score merit in the board examination (10th or 12th)
    • The applicant should be enrolling in further studies after the 10th or 12th 

    Gather the Necessary Documents

    Hurray! You’re eligible for a free student laptop and ready to proceed. The next step will be to enter your details and gather the necessary documents. Here are the documents you need to apply for a free laptop scheme in India.

    • Aadhar Card
    • Indian Voter ID card
    • Board Examination Certificate (10th or 12th)
    • Contact Information
    • Ration Card or BPL Card of the State

    If you don’t have any documents, you must apply for them or find an alternative on the website. 

    Upload the Documents

    Now, you have all the documents in front of you! It’s time to upload them to the portal. It’s an easy process, but there are several things that you must know before uploading any document. Always upload scanned and easy-to-read documents during the process. 

    Furthermore, Government websites don’t support full-sized images or PDFs. I recommend compressing your image to 10-100Kb without compromising the quality. Similarly, you must follow the guidelines for dimensions provided on the website for easy uploads. 

    Preview and Submit

    No doubt you have accurately entered all the details and uploaded the required document. But a minor mistake can get your application rejected! It’s always a great idea to review everything before hitting the submit button. 

    I recommend filling all the essential columns, especially one with a red star (*). Once you have reviewed everything, just hit the submit button and wait for the submission to complete. 

    State-Wise Free Laptop Schemes for Students

    Looking at the easy process, you might feel confident applying for laptop schemes in India. However, not all States have announced laptop schemes for students. If you’re applying for a free laptop, you must know whether your State Government has officially launched the scheme or not.

    Here’s the list of States Initiating the Free Laptop Scheme:

    Andhra Pradesh Free Laptop Scheme

    The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has announced the free laptop scheme recently. AP state-free laptop scheme is for specially-abled or visually, hearing, or orthopedically challenged individuals. 

    That’s why the department of welfare and differently-abled citizens manage the scheme. Besides the abilities, there are some other eligibility aspects that you must determine. 

    • The income of parents must be less than 15000 INR per month.
    • Require Sadarem Certificate
    • Must have a Bonafide Certificate issued by the school 
    • If your parents’ income is more than 15000 INR per month, they may be required to pay 50% of the amount. 

    Karnataka Free Laptop Scheme

    If you’re a student in Karnataka, you can easily apply for a free laptop. Unlike AP state, Karnataka’s free laptop scheme is for all the students who had good marks in their 12th class examination. This scheme aims to help over 1.50 Lakh ST/SC students in Karnataka.   

    Karnataka’s Government officials don’t include any specific eligibility criteria. However, the scheme is limited only to a few courses. Let’s have a look at them!

    • Medical studies
    • Engineering
    • Polytechnical
    • Post-Graduation

    Micro Chitty Laptop Scheme

    Micro Chitty laptop scheme is an initiative of the Kerala Government to provide laptops at a low cost. The schemes aim to deliver laptops to accomplish their online studies. Thus, the students who experience loss of education due to lockdowns are the primary target. Although it’s not a completely free laptop scheme, you only need to pay 15000 INR to get a laptop. 

    Even if you’re not in the condition to pay 15000 INR at once, you can go for the easy installment option. KSFE allows you to pay in 30 monthly installments of just 500 INR without any interest. Don’t worry! There’s no change in eligibility criteria and document submission process. 

    Laptop Vitran Scheme

    Uttarakhand Laptop Vitran scheme is a free laptop scheme created for students below the poverty line. Of all the schemes, it’s the only scheme that discloses the laptop specs. 

    An eligible student will get a 14-inch Laptop based on Windows 10 with pre-installed MS office apps and 2GB RAM. However, there’s a change in eligibility criteria for this scheme. 

    • Only applicants who belong below the poverty line (BPL) are eligible
    • You must have scored 80% or above in 10th and 12th
    • Any applicant with meritorious marks in board examination but doesn’t enjoy any financial aid scheme
    • An income proof certificate of the family is necessary

    Uttar Pradesh Free Laptop Scheme

    UP’s Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath has announced the free laptop scheme for merit students. Surprisingly, this scheme aims to provide over 22 lakh laptops worth more than 1800 crore. UP Muft Laptop Yojana features laptops from various brands such as Dell, Acer, and HP. 

    The best thing is this scheme offers laptops according to academic performance rather than caste or income. Whether you belong to the general category or SC/ST, any 10th and 12th topper can apply for UP Free Laptop Scheme.   

    Rajasthan Laptop Yojana

    Rajasthan Laptop Yojana is the most extensive free laptop scheme 2022 that targets 8th class pass-outs. Like the UP laptop scheme, this scheme also has no restriction on any caste. Anyone who has passed 8th, 10, and 12th with more than 75% marks can apply for a free laptop. 

    In 2022, Rajasthan Government has passed a budget of 2.5 crores to initiate this scheme. If you’re looking to apply for Rajasthan Laptop Yojana in 2022, you must know the specific eligibility criteria.

    • An applicant must score at least 75% marks in the 8th, 10th, and 12th class affiliated with the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan
    • Bonafide certification of Rajasthan is necessary. 
    • Family income should be less than 3lakhs per annum
    • An applicant should belong to the below poverty line (BPL) category

    Bihar Free Laptop Yojana:

    The Bihar Laptop Yojana doesn’t exactly provide laptops to the students. Meanwhile, you get financial assistance of 25000 INR to buy the laptop. The scheme is only for 12th pass-outs through Bihar’s Government School. 

    This scheme may have caste restrictions, but general category students require above 85% marks. On the other hand, the criteria for SC/ST students is above 75% marks. Similarly, there are multiple changes in the eligibility criterion to apply for Bihar Free Laptop Yojana. Here you have it!

    • Only 12th pass out through Madhyamik Shiksha Mandal Bihar is acceptable 
    • An application could be a private or regular medium
    • Annual family income should not be above 6 lakh INR
    • 12th class mark sheet is necessary

    Madhya Pradesh Laptop Scheme for Meritorious Students:

    If you compare, there’s no difference between Bihar Free Laptop Yojana and Madhya Pradesh Laptop Scheme. Whether you say compensation or eligibility, everything is the same as discussed above. This scheme also helps 12th pass-outs with 25000INR of financial assistance to buy the laptop. 

    The difference could be the board of education. For instance, officials will consider the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary education instead of Madhyamik Shiksha Mandal Bihar. Besides compensation, you also get a letter of appreciation for getting good marks on the 12th

    Are the Free Laptops Schemes Legit?

    Yes, the free laptop schemes in India are legit, as most of the states have officially announced the schemes. If you’re a student in any of the states mentioned above, you can easily apply for a free laptop. Make sure you apply over the official website only and provide all the necessary documents. 

    I noticed that individuals on social media are circulating a link to PM Modi’s Free Laptop Scheme. However, the link is fake and will not direct you to any government website. I recommend you don’t click on links and never share your information on an unauthorized website. 

    In the end, free laptop schemes are an appreciable initiative of the State Government toward education. But never let the cybercriminal breach your data security when applying for a free laptop. If you want to know more about applying the schemes, you can consult a registered service provider near you.