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How to Select a Soundbar?

    Soundbars are excellent devices to have in your life. They are super versatile and can be used to meet almost all your auditory needs. But don’t just get any soundbar when you can get the right one out there.

    India is a nation of audiophiles, and we Indians love to fleet up with every beat. In India, there are soundbars that perform at every level. From low-end to higher, soundbars in India are available at every price justifying the specifications.  

    Yet, it all depends on your individual buying and auditory needs. That’s why I’m here with various Soundbars in India to help you choose the perfect one. So, keep reading the blog post until the end to identify the best soundbar in India.

    5 Ways to Select a Soundbar


    Budget is a primary factor if you’re purchasing a soundbar in India. It’s better to decide what you’re willing to spend and for what quality. The lower-end soundbars may cost just under 10000INR, but the higher-end may go up to 100000INR. Thus, buy a soundbar that offers the best value for money instead of focusing on premium prices.  


    Besides the budget, channels also play a crucial role in deciding the best soundbar for you. Let’s take (8.1.4) three-figure channels setup for better understanding. The first number (8.1.4) refers to the number of speakers in the soundbar. Furthermore, the second one (8.1.4) refers to the number of subwoofers in the soundbar. The last one (8.1.4) refers to the number of upward-facing drivers within the soundbar. In simple words having more channels means a better surround sound experience. 


    Connectivity is what makes a soundbar accessible and more convenient to use. If I talk about soundbars in India, they feature various connectivity options. Here I recommend buying a soundbar that offers a blend of wired and wireless connectivity. Thus, look for connectivity options like Bluetooth v5.0, HDMI, e-ARC, AUX-in, USB, Optical-in, and LDAC. 


    Keeping connectivity aside, I wonder how these sleek soundbars come with too many features. Soundbars in India come enriched with features like Dolby audio, Hi-Res, DTS:X, and dynamic drivers. Meanwhile, I recommend choosing a soundbar with the latest specifications and a wireless subwoofer for the best experience. 


    In the end, the usability of a soundbar always matters during the selection. Everyone has unique tastes and preferences for audio. Thus, various soundbars are available for TV, under monitors, traveling, house parties, and gaming. For instance, if you’re buying a TV soundbar, look for a product with multiple connectivity options and a dialogue enhancer.