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Dolby Atmos Soundbars in India

    Dolby Atmos soundbars are among the best soundbars to enhance your listening experience. They are sleek, stylish, affordable, and well-known to deliver the best sound quality.

    Technically advanced Dolby Atmos soundbars add studio-quality sound to your home. They produce deeper bass, and clear vocals and let you enjoy Ultra HD movies with 4K HDR pass-through.

    Why Buy the Best Dolby Atmos Soundbar?

    Modern music is a blend of heavy tunes, deep lyrics, and progressive synths. That’s why you should use Dolby Atmos soundbars to enjoy this music.

    Moreover, these soundbars feature multiple connectivity options. You can connect them using Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, USB, AUX, and optical input. Also, they come with a wireless subwoofer to let you enjoy studio-quality sound at home.

    Furthermore, Dolby Atmos Soundbars appear premium to glorify your home interiors. Unlike traditional woofers, you don’t have to mess with wires and a bulky sound system. You can connect your TV and play media whenever you want.

    Top 8 Dolby Atmos Soundbars in India

    In my previous post, I compared the best Bluetooth speakers. Yet, I realized that those speakers don’t deliver studio-quality sound to the listener. So, in this post, I have analyzed several soundbars to create a list of the best ones out there. I focused on sound quality, connectivity options, and Dolby Atmos support.

    So, let’s dive in.

    1. Zebronics ZEB-JUKE BAR 9700 PRO-DOLBY ATMOS

    • Dolby Atmos
    • 450W sound output
    • 16.51cm subwoofer
    • 4K HDR pass-through
    • Six sound drivers
    • Bluetooth v5.0
    • USB, AUX, HDMI (ARC), Optical-in
    • Multi-functional remote
    • Sleek and wall-mountable design
    • Top-mounted buttons

    Zebronics ZEB-JUKE BAR 9700 PRO is an incredible soundbar that brings a cinematic experience home. It has six sound drivers aligned with the latest Dolby Atmos for a 360-degree life-like sound. With Dolby, the speaker produces 3D sound quality to make you feel the surround sound around you.

    Besides Dolby, it comes with a 16.51cm subwoofer to deliver a total sound output of 450 watts. The subwoofer partners with a soundbar and offers a 4K HDR pass-through at your home. Whether you’re watching a movie or playing games, you will love its 4K clarity and thumping bass.

    Moreover, you have both wired and wireless connectivity options. The soundbar has the latest Bluetooth v5.0 for wireless connectivity. As it is the newest version, it offers a quick and reliable connection with your device. Apart from Bluetooth, you can also connect it to your TV using USB, AUX, HDMI (ARC), and Optical-in.

    With 450W sound output, ZEB-JUKE BAR 9700 Pro is the best Dolby Atmos soundbar in India. If you want a soundbar with Dolby Atmos at an affordable price, it’s a perfect choice for you.

    2. Sony HT-G700 – 3.1 Channel Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

    Sony HT-G700 - 3.1 Channel Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
    • 400 Watts sound output
    • Vertical Surround Sound configuration
    • 3.1 Channel Dolby Atmos with DTS:X
    • Wave-Front technology
    • Optimized AE upscale audio closure
    • Wireless Subwoofer
    • 4K HDR pass through and sound streaming
    • Central speaker setup
    • Bluetooth v5.0, HDMI eARC, optical digital input

    Sony HT-G700 symbolizes 4K sound streaming with an upscale 7.1.2 channel surround sound. It comes with a 400W sound output that is loud enough to meet your indoor requirements.

    The soundbar delivers exceptional sound quality optimized with 3.1 channel Dolby Atmos. Also, its wavefront technology lets you hear every detail of your favorite music.

    It has connectivity options like Bluetooth v5.0, HDMI eARC, and optical digital input. Moreover, its Wi-Fi subwoofer delivers thumping bass that we Indians love to hear.

    At this time, Sony HT-G700 is among the top Dolby Atmos soundbars in India. If you like binge-watching, the soundbar is a perfect choice for you.

    3. Sonos Arc – The Premium Soundbar

    • Dolby Atmos
    • Trueplay tuning technology
    • Eleven high-performance drivers
    • Voice control with Amazon Alexa
    • Radio enabled
    • Sonos App support
    • Apple Airplay 2 support
    • HDMI
    • Sleek wall-mountable design
    • Multi-functional remote

    Sonos ARC is another premium soundbar with Dolby Atmos. Using Dolby Atmos, the soundbar produces realistic 3D sound quality during the playback. From movies to music, it produces brilliant sound to meet every audio needs you may have. 

    The soundbar has eleven sound drivers for incredible highs, midranges, and bass. Also, it features Trueplay tuning technology to improve acoustics without a subwoofer. The technology tunes the sound according to how it reflects on your home’s walls. No matter wherever you place it, the soundbar offers 3D sound during the playback. 

    If you talk about connectivity, it only has an HDMI port to connect your TV. But you can even use it without the TV if you have Apple Airplay 2. Furthermore, it got unique features like radio podcasting and Alexa voice control. You can access it using Alexa or its multi-functional remote as per your needs. 

    Sonos Arc symbolizes the brilliance among all the soundbars with Dolby Atmos. If you’re looking for a premium product with the latest specs, it’s a decent choice for you.

    4. Sony HT-Z9F – 5.1 Channel 4K Dolby Atmos

    • Dolby Atmos
    • DTS:X
    • 5.1ch sound
    • 400W sound output
    • Two rear speakers
    • 4K HDR pass-through
    • Vertical Surround Engine
    • S-Force front
    • Wireless subwoofer
    • Center speaker setup
    • Bluetooth, LDAC, Wi-Fi
    • eARC, HDMI ARC, Optical-in
    • Sleek and wall-mountable design

    Sony HT-Z9F is a premium soundbar optimized with three audio enhancement technologies. The soundbar has a stunning 5.1ch Dolby Atmos to deliver 5.1 channel sound at your home. Furthermore, it has DTS:X and Virtual Surround Engine that makes it produce 7.1.2ch sound.

    It’s a complete music system, including a subwoofer and two rear speakers. All the parts come together and deliver a 4K HDR pass-through at 18Gbps. If you’re watching a UHD movie, the soundbar makes you enjoy the 4K sound during the playback. Also, you can switch between movies, music, gaming, news, and sports mode as per your needs.

    Despite a sleek design, the soundbar manages a variety of connectivity options. It has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LDAC for wireless connectivity. Sony designed LDAC as an audio coder to deliver Hi-res sound over Bluetooth. In wired options, you have e-ARC, HDMI ARC and Optical-in to connect it with your TV.

    Sony, HT-Z9F offers a complete package of specifications, including Dolby Atmos. The soundbar is for you if you love watching High-res media on your TV.

    5. JBL BAR 9.1 – True Wireless Surround Soundbar

    JBL BAR 9.1 - True Wireless Surround Soundbar with Dolby Atmos
    • 820 Watts sound output
    • In-built Dolby Atmos with DTS:X
    • 3D upward-firing speakers
    • 4K Ultra HD sound streaming
    • In-built Wi-Fi and Airplay 2
    • Bluetooth v5.0
    • Wireless Subwoofer with optimized bass

    JBL BAR 9.1 is the best Dolby Atmos soundbar in India. It features a powerful 820W sound output to offer a theatre-like experience.

    The soundbar comes with in-built Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and DTS: X to stream up to 4K Ultra HD sound. You can also connect it using the in-built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    The soundbar’s four upward-firing speakers and Dolby Vision provide the ultimate 3D sound experience. Additionally, there are two wireless speakers and one subwoofer to deliver strong bass.

    Last but not least, JBL BAR 9.1 is a blend of innovative features and streamlined sound quality. If you want to enjoy a movie with your family or partner, it is a great choice.

    6. LG Éclair QP5

    • 320W sound output
    • Dolby Atmos
    • DTS X
    • 3.1.2 channel sound
    • AI Sound Pro
    • Meridian integration
    • HDMI, USB, optical-in
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Multifunctional remote

    LG Éclair QP5 is setting a new standard in the soundbar industry with an innovative design. It’s a compact soundbar with three speakers, one subwoofer, and dual tweeters. Interestingly, LG has optimized its 3.1.2 channels with Dolby Atmos and DTS X to make you feel every beat. 

    But the story doesn’t end here! Despite being the smallest soundbar, it can produce 320W HDR10 sound output. There’s an inclusion of AI Sound Pro that adapts the audio genre and adjust the sound for the best experience. Also, LG has shaken hands with Meridian, known for its high-quality audio and bass.

    In connectivity, you have both wired and wireless connectivity options. It features two HDMI ports, USB, optical-in, and Bluetooth for convenient connection. Furthermore, the soundbar supports a multifunction remote, allowing you to switch between modes and audio levels. 

    Looking at the features, I must consider it one of the best Dolby Atmos soundbars ever made. If you’re looking for a compact but powerful product that you can also connect with a laptop, QP5 is an excellent choice.

    7. Sony HT-A7000

    • 500W sound output
    • 7.1.2ch sound
    • X-Balanced speakers
    • 8K HDR pass-through
    • Dolby Atmos
    • 360 spatial sound mapping
    • Bravia Acoustic Centre Sync
    • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Chromecast, Spotify, and voice assistant
    • HDMI, USB, Audio-in, Optical-in

    Sony HT-A7000 has no alternative when it comes to exploring premium flagship soundbars. It’s a top-of-the-line product with a 7.1.2ch sound configuration and seven X-Balanced speakers. When they work with Dolby Atmos, you can enjoy 8K HDR sound quality during the playback. 

    Besides Dolby Atmos, it supports 360 sound mapping, sound field optimization, and S Force Pro. Thus, the soundbar can produce 500W multichannel and room-filling sound to make every beat rememberable. If you have a Bravia TV, you can increase the sound output using Bravia Acoustic Centre Sync. 

    As a premium soundbar, it offers all the connectivity options you expect. You get access to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Chromecast, Spotify, and voice assistant in wireless connectivity. Moreover, it has ports for HDMI, USB, Audio-in, and Optical-in. 

    Conclusively, it’s an exciting black beauty with innovative audio techs and connectivity options. You must get it on your cart if you have a premium budget to complete your TV unit.

    8. Bose Smart Soundbar 900

    • 900W sound output
    • Dolby Atmos
    • TrueSpace upmixer 
    • Custom-engineered dipole speakers
    • Dual up-firing speakers
    • HDMI, USB, optical-in, HDMI eARC
    • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apple Airplay 2
    • Multifunctional remote

    Bose Smart Soundbar 900 is a symbol of excellence designed by the most beloved brand of all time. Like HT-A7000, it’s also a premium product with dual custom-engineered dipole speakers. Bose has used Dolby Atmos and its patented TrueSpace upmixer for a room-filling sound.

    As the name describes, Soundbar 900 offers an enveloping sound output of up to 900W. The speakers work with both audio techs together and make you feel every beat hovering around you. Although it doesn’t feature a subwoofer, you still get an exciting bass.

    The sound quality may be its highlight, but there’s no deduction in connectivity options. You have various connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, optical-in, USB Type-C, and HDMI eARC. Also, Bose has added an ADAPTiQ headset port that optimizes the sound according to the acoustics of your room. You can also connect with it via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Apple Airplay 2.

    In the end, Soundbar 900 is a combination of new-gen technology and premium design. That’s why it’s ending my list as the top Dolby Atmos Soundbar in India.