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Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 in India

    Bluetooth speakers are very affordable. Here in India, it is not hard to purchase a decent Bluetooth speaker for under 2000 rupees. BT speakers in this price range come with numerous features like multiple connectivity options, FM radio, an in-built microphone, water & dust resistant body, pre-loaded songs, and up to 9 hours of playtime.

    Yet, the best thing about Bluetooth speakers is their portability. You don’t need power cords or complicated wired connections. All you have to do is pair your device, and voila, you’re ready to enjoy high-quality audio everywhere you go.

    Why You Should Get a Bluetooth Speaker Under 2000 Rupees

    Bluetooth technology is all about ease and portability. Therefore, a good Bluetooth speaker should be small in size and with longer battery life.

    Most BT speakers under 2000 are small, so you can take them anywhere. Just put them in your bag, and you won’t even notice that you have packed a speaker. 😊

    And since they do not consume so much power, you can continue playing music for longer durations, sometimes up to 9 hours. Longer battery life also means you wouldn’t have to continuously look for a socket to charge your speaker.

    Another good thing about Bluetooth speakers is the color options. Speakers under 2k come in multiple colors, so you can choose the one that matches your personality.

    Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000

    I have prepared this list based on popularity, ratings, and feedback. There are many speakers under 2000; however, the ones listed below will give you the best value for money.

    So, without further ado, let’s check out the list of the best Bluetooth speakers for under 2000 rupees in India.

    1. JBL GO 2 – Feature-Loaded Bluetooth Speaker Under 2K

    JBL GO 2 - Feature-Loaded Bluetooth Speaker Under 2K
    • Li-ion battery
    • 5 hours of battery backup
    • 3.1W sound output
    • Bluetooth v4.2
    • IPX7 water-resistant
    • Micro-USB charging cable
    • AUX input
    • Compact and portable design

    JBL GO 2 is a feature-loaded Bluetooth speaker with high-end audio quality and battery performance. It comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that supports up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge. 

    This Bluetooth speaker offers 3.1W RMS superior JBL sound with powerful bass. Besides this, you can also enjoy crystal clear conference calls using its noise-canceling speakerphone. If I talk about the Bluetooth version, you have a decent Bluetooth v4.2 for connectivity. 

    With IPX7 certification, the GO 2 allows music enthusiasts to transport it poolside or to the beach. GO 2 elevates your style profile to new heights with its compact design and 12 eye-catching color options.

    You get a micro-USB cable for charging and one audio cable input in the box. Don’t worry if Bluetooth is not available. Simply plug the audio cable into the speaker and enjoy your music. If you’re looking for an incredible speaker with premium sound output, GO 2 is an ideal choice.

    2. boAt Stone 650 – HD Bluetooth Speaker with Longer Battery Life

    boAt Stone 650 - HD Bluetooth Speaker with Longer Battery Life
    • 1800mAh lithium battery
    • 7 hours of battery life
    • Dual 2-inch audio drivers
    • 10W sound output
    • Frequency response: 2.4Hz-2.48KHz
    • Dotted diamond mesh design
    • Silicon coating
    • IPX5 water and dust resistance
    • Bluetooth v5.0
    • AUX input
    • Integrated volume controls

    boAt Stone 650 is an HD Bluetooth speaker with an 1800 mAh lithium battery. It may require 3.5 hours of charging but offer a battery life of 7 hours with just a single charge. Therefore, you can enjoy an enhanced audio experience for a longer duration.

    The speaker has 2-inch x 2 drivers to deliver a high-quality audio experience. Soak in the music and alleviate your stress with its enrapturing sound output of 10W. Also, it offers a frequency response of 2.4Hz – 2.480KHz.

    Stone 650 features a dotted diamond-shaped mesh design with smooth silicon coating on the sides. Furthermore, it has IPX5 water and dust resistance protection to prevent accidental damage.

    The speaker offers dual connectivity via the latest Bluetooth v5.0 and AUX. Moreover, you have integrated buttons like volume, play next, or previous on the corner for better controls. It is a perfect choice if you prefer a speaker with better battery life than your phone.

    3. Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100 – BT Speaker with Dual EQ Feature

    Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100 - BT Speaker with Dual EQ Feature
    • 750mAh battery
    • 9 hours of battery life
    • Frequency response: 120Hz -20KHz
    • Signal to noise ratio: 70dB
    • 4.5W sound output
    • Dual EQ mode
    • Water-resistant design
    • Product weight: 195g
    • Micro-USB charging port
    • Bluetooth v4.2
    • 3.5mm audio jack

    Infinity Fuze 100 unplugs you from connectors and lets you enter the world of unrivaled high-quality sound. It features a lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 3.7V/750mAh. On a full charge, you can listen to wireless music for 9 hours.

    This device offers a 120Hz – 20KHz sound frequency response and a 70dB (AUX) signal-to-noise ratio. Thus, you enjoy 4.5W of high-quality sound output free from distortions. Moreover, its Dual EQ feature allows you to switch between normal and deep bass sounds.

    The Fuze 100’s sturdy and water-resistant design withstands your coffee spills and accidental drops. It weighs around 195g and features a slot to connect strings making it easy to carry and use.

    Furthermore, the device comes with voice assistant integration and dual connect technology. You also get a micro-USB charging port and a 3.5mm audio jack to connect AUX. As it’s a wireless speaker, you can use its Bluetooth v4.2 for a quick and reliable connection. 

    Whether it’s the design or the battery life, Fuze 100 perfectly holds everything together. Thus, it is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000.

    4. boAt Stone 180 – Immersive Speaker with Good Battery Life

    boAt Stone 180 - Immersive Speaker with Good Battery Life
    • 800mAh battery capacity
    • 10 hours of battery life
    • 5W sound output
    • Deep Bass Sound
    • Integrated controls
    • IPX7 sweat and water-resistant
    • AUX input
    • Integrated buttons

    boAt Stone 180 is an immersive 5W wireless speaker with exciting battery life. It comes with an 800mAh battery capacity with its lithium-ion cell composition. At 70% volume, the device can last a whopping 10 hours with just one charge. 

    You can enjoy the powerful 5W boAt iconic sound everywhere you go. Using Deep Bass Sound technology, it produces skittering rhythms and precise bass. Stone 180 allows you to shift through your favorite music with integrated controls.

    It is round in shape and comes in a slim, lightweight design for enhanced portability. It also has an improved shock shield for dust and water resistance. As it’s IPX7 sweat and water-resistant, it allows you to push through all of your outdoor pursuits.

    The wireless speaker includes two connectivity options, Bluetooth and AUX. A single push on the power button connects two speakers for richer bass and stereo music. With high-end audio quality and long battery life, it is an ideal choice to maximize your audio experience.

    5. Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker – Long Lasting Battery of 20 Hours

    Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker - Long Lasting Battery of 20 Hours
    • 2000mAh battery
    • 20 hours of battery life
    • Type-C fast charging
    • 5W sound output
    • Passive radiator
    • Mesh design with rubber enclosure
    • Canadian long fiber pulp
    • Bluetooth v5.0
    • Voice assistant, one-key call function 

    Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is a perfect match for music enthusiasts. It features a large 2000mAh battery that supports Type-C fast charging. Surprisingly, the speaker supports up to 20 hours of uninterrupted music at full charge. 

    Despite a minimalistic design, the speaker can produce up to 5W sound output. Its built-in passive radiator enhances the low-frequency sound effect for rich audio and punchy bass.  Furthermore, you have Bluetooth v5.0 to stay connected while enjoying your playlist.

    The ingenious mesh design and rubber enclosure provide durability to the speaker required for any journey. Interestingly, Mi has composed a Canadian long fiber pulp vibration film that offers a superb damping mechanism for natural sound. 

    If I talk about connectivity, you get access to the voice assistant, dual-mode and one-key call function. Furthermore, you can customize the audio settings using its simplified controls. 

    If you’re looking for a modern Bluetooth speaker under ₹2000, go for this one.

    6. boAt Stone 170 – Deep Booming Bass for Audiophiles

    boAt Stone 170 - Deep Booming Bass for Audiophiles
    • 1800mAh lithium battery
    • 6 hours of battery life
    • 5W sound output
    • IPX6 certification
    • Compact and portable design
    • Bluetooth v5.0, AUX input
    • Multi-function buttons

    boAt Stone 170 is a result-oriented Bluetooth HD speaker that has improved the game of portability. With a robust 1800mAh lithium battery, you can take to the streets and keep the rhythms pounding while slipping into the flow of your music. Despite its massive capacity, it can only last up to 6 hours with one charge.

    Stone 170 features a decent output of up to 5W at 100% volume. Its deep booming bass is a dream for audiophiles who like catching every beat. Set up your wireless sound on your preferred device and let the music play throughout the day.

    It features a small and lightweight design, making it ideal for carrying along without hassles. Furthermore, you have IPX6 certification that resists dust, sweat, and water. Even if you’re taking it to the beach, you don’t have to worry about accidental damages.

    In connectivity, stone 170 supports both Bluetooth v5.0 and AUX cable. With its multi-function button, nothing stands between you and the customization of your favorite music. If premium sound quality and easy connectivity are your preferences, it’s a perfect choice.

    7. Portronics SoundDrum POR-871 – Compact Yet Powerful Speaker

    Portronics SoundDrum POR-871 - Compact Yet Powerful Speaker
    • 1800mAh lithium battery
    • 7 hours of battery life
    • 10W sound output
    • Dual stereo speakers
    • Dedicated bass mode
    • IPX6 water resistance 
    • Bluetooth v5.0
    • FM, Mic, USB port, AUX-in
    • Integrated button controls

    Portronics SoundDrum is a compact but powerful Bluetooth speaker under ₹2000. It offers a 1800mAh lithium-ion battery rechargeable through a USB cable. Once you have charged it 100%, you can enjoy unlimited music playtime for 6-7 hours. 

    If I talk about the audio and sound features, it offers a total sound output of 10W. POR-871 has dual stereo speakers with powerful amplifiers to enhance your music experience. Fan of punchy bass? The speaker makes you switch to the Bass Mode while listening to music.

    It’s a premium speaker with an exciting cylindrical shape and a fashionable appearance. The SoundDrum has an IPX6 rating, which means it is resistant to splashes and even mild rain. 

    Besides its portable design, you will also love its available connectivity options. The product features Bluetooth v5.0, FM, mic, USB port, and a 3.5mm AUX jack. Whether you want to connect your phone or USB drive, Portronics SoundDrum is designed to meet all your needs.

    8. boAt Stone Grenade – BT Speaker with an Exciting Grenade Design

    boAt Stone Grenade - BT Speaker with an Exciting Grenade Design
    • 1200mAh battery capacity
    • 7 hours of battery life
    • 1.75-inch full-range audio driver
    • 5W sound output
    • Bluetooth v4.2
    • IPX6 water and shock-resistant
    • AUX, SD Card slots
    • Integrated controls

    boAt Stone Grenade will blast your surroundings to bits and prime your senses for Nirvana. It has a decent battery capacity of 1200mAh which take around 2 hours to charge. Also, the battery can play all of your genres for 7 hours in a row. 

    Furthermore, the product features a 1.75” full-range 5W driver to set your music on fire. You can experience premium sound clarity and deep bass while listening to music. As it has Bluetooth v4.2, you can access it from up to 10m of distance.

    You get a compact build with rounded edges and a strap made for easy carrying. Besides this, the device is IPX6 water and shock-resistant. It also has an exciting grenade design with highlighted buttons on the side to make you control the music in your style. 

    Its connectivity options allow you to create your own ambiance. You can connect it via Bluetooth, AUX, and SD Card slot according to your convenience. Add this speaker to your cart if you seek a high-end sound quality with integrated controls.

    9. GOVO GOCRUSH – Speaker with High-Performance Battery

    GOVO GOCRUSH - Speaker with High-Performance Battery
    • 1800mAh battery
    • 15 hours of battery life
    • Bluetooth v5.0
    • 40mm audio driver
    • 4W sound output
    • In-built Siri, Google Assistant
    • ABS plastic 
    • IPX7 water resistance
    • AUX, micro SD card slots
    • Integrated touch controls

    GOVO GOCRUSH is a new-gen wireless speaker with the latest Bluetooth v5.0. It comes with a high-performing battery capacity of 1800mAh. Interestingly, the battery may take 3.5 hours to charge but lets you play non-stop music for 15 hours. 

    As it’s an innovative product, it has an advanced 40mm driver optimized with an audio chipset. The chip aligns the driver to produce 4W sound output with deep bass and realistic clarity. Also, you have access to in-built Siri and Google voice assistant for better convenience.

    GOCRUSH has an immersive triangular shape with a compact and portable design. It’s a premium product made of ABS plastic and fabric to ensure durability. Moreover, GOVO has included IPX7 water resistance to keep your speaker safe from accidental damage. 

    Furthermore, it connects your device using Bluetooth v5.0 with a transmission distance of 10M. The speaker also supports AUX and Micro SD cards for seamless entertainment. With integrated controls, GOCRUSH is among the most convenient speakers under 2000 rupees.

    10. Portronics Phonic – Bluetooth Speaker with Highest Sound Output

    Portronics Phonic - Bluetooth Speaker with Highest Sound Output
    • Lithium polymer battery
    • 7-8 hours of battery life
    • 15W sound output
    • Built-in microphone
    • Type-C charging port
    • Compact capsule design
    • Bluetooth v5.0
    • Ports for AUX and Micro SD card

    Portronics Phonic ensures you get the best sound experience with supreme portability. It comes with a lithium polymer battery rechargeable within 2-3 hours. At 100% charge, you can enjoy your favorite beats for up to 7 to 8 hours.

    This speaker has the highest sound output among all the products on this list. Surprisingly, it offers a sound output of 15W with deep bass and premium audio clarity. Besides this, you can also receive or make calls using its built-in mic with just a tap.

    With capsule design, Phonic becomes quite portable and handy to carry on your journey. Phonic also comes integrated with a Type C charging slot for better compatibility and ease of use. It supports Bluetooth v5.0, AUX, and a micro-SD card for efficient connectivity. 

    Lastly, Phonic offers the best value for money with its innovative features. If you’re looking for a high-performing Bluetooth speaker under 2k, look no further than this.